Because You Don’t Respond To My Messages: This Is What I Have To Say

By Ari EastmanThought Catalog ©

The first time we had sex, you choked me and it caught me so off guard. It actually kind of scared me, to be honest.

Maybe this whole time I’ve been having pretty vanilla sex. I thought I was so sexual and adventurous, passion is a guiding element in how I live, so it would make sense that it would cross over into my sexuality.

But our sex was new. It was intense and different.

You asked questions. You made observations. I learned things about myself I didn’t even realize. I almost never had sex on top before.

Like… Ever.

We joked about it, but being told I was the loudest girl you’d ever been with did first embarrass me. But then it empowered me. Yeah, I am loud. I am passionate. We’d fuck three times and I’d go home and sleep in my bed, it was goddamn great.

I think I gained some sexual confidence with you. It sounds stupid, but you made me feel sexy.

I’m so used to being cute and playing into this type I was convinced I needed to be. The endearing one. I don’t often identify with being sexy. So thanks for reminding me I am. Because I am.

And we had great sex that only strengthened it.

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Fragile As F*ck: Why The Male Ego Is Basically A 14-Year-Old Girl

By Lauren Martin |  Elite Daily ©

Women often get a bad reputation. We always do. We’re sensitive, insecure and high-maintenance. We’re moody, confusing and never happy.

The worst part of it all, however, is that the people who tell us this are usually guilty of the same things.

Any woman who’s ever been in a relationship knows that while women have their moments, it’s the men who needs the special care and attention. Because contrary to the popular belief, the male ego is not just any child, it’s a 14-year-old girl!

And like with any 14-year-old girl, you have to know how to handle them before they go hormonal on your ass. You have to be able to pacify their whims and accept their tantrums.

You must learn how to love them, until they’re out of this stage, or until they’ve accepted it and has learned to control themselves.

Until then, you must find the right balance between praise and discipline. You must learn how to pacify him, yet also give him the positive reinforcement he needs to feel safe and secure with you.

Because men may try and act all macho, but they have the same feelings of any hormonal teenager.

They say they don’t need love, but they need it more than anyone. They act like they don’t need your advice and praise, but they’re really just waiting for it.

They try to be the man in the relationship, but they’re really just waiting for the right woman to tell them it’s OK not to be.

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13 Reasons Why Being A B*tch Is Actually Really Good For Your Health

By Gigi Engle |  Elite Daily ©

Being a bitch is a powerful thing.

No one wants to mess with a bitch.

Unfortunately, bitches get a bad rep because other people are threatened by their forthright, aggressive personalities.

Since it’s undesirable to be considered a bitch, those of us who wear the label proudly are the strongest of the bunch.

We refuse to feel badly for people who can’t handle us. We’re confident and vibrant and strong.

We’re not afraid to speak our minds and, therefore, we get sh*t done. We don’t have time for weak, indecisive people who drag their feet in the mud.

A bitch is a boss. It’s good for your health to embrace your bitch status because you revel in your strength, you take care of yourself, and you never waste your time on stupid stuff that doesn’t matter.

People may hate on you, but you’re the queen, and you know it. Haters will hate.

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Men’s Wants and Likes: Thoughts About Sex and Relationships

By Jae Vitug | World of Thoughts ©

I tried my best to get the best answers for you girls, it’s either these men are afraid to answer my questions, or giving me bullsh*t to laugh about, but hey, hands down to the ones who gave me amazing statements.

I was literally laughing my ass out of some messages I’ve got, you don’t even wanna know, I’m dying, my boy friends are the best. I’m a man at heart too, no, not really, don’t think so.

But trust me, I’ve been surrounded by plenty of them, hold your horses, don’t judge too quickly, I like boy friends and gay friends more, they’re way less drama than girls. Plus, let’s be honest they’re more fun to hang out with, that’s if you want a crazy filled life.

I think I have been posting the downside of men lately, but come on, men could be the most amazing gift for women, so cheers to them!

And, no, I don’t have any problems with them, as I said I have lots of them in my life, I just want you girls to be careful, and those post are something I would want you to know.

Learning lessons are the best, sharing them would be the better.

Anyway, going back, curious about what I asked them? Well, it’s what they’d want on women they’d wanna sleep with, and what they’d like on women they’d wanna be with.

This would be a good and entertaining read I tell you, I’ve never had so much fun writing an article.

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