Freedom After Surviving Multiple Heartbreaks

By Jae Vitug | World of Thoughts ©

Have you ever had that feeling when you just don’t wanna be alone? That you need that special someone to be beside you all the time? To have that special someone making you happy?

I’ve had the myself, and would admit that I was on a constant hunt for that man who can make me happy, make me so in love that I won’t care about the world.

Instead I didn’t actually have what I was looking for, I can say that every man is the same, leaving you after getting what they want. But that’s not exactly it, you took the risk, knowing that there must’ve been something, until you become so clingy, for the fear of loosing this guy, that you ended up just annoying and scaring them away.

Plus, to all women out there, let’s not just give out sex to attract men, no, that’s what they want, basically their goal, if they’ve reached it, they’re gonna go out on it again to get some with another girl.

It may also be our fault they act that way, they think they can get anyone easily with those uncunning charms, they do because we fall for it. They wouldn’t care about lying anymore, for as long as they’d get it. We do need to respect ourselves, because they wouldn’t if we ourselves does not.

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Lazy, Easy, Effortless

By Jae Vitug | World of Thoughts ©

Okay, so you’ve just woken up and not feel like doing your daily routine. Put some pants on, sweatshirt, bb cream, lipgloss and a bit of mascara. That’s all it takes.

Well of course, us girls we still wanna look pretty, so we just don’t really just wear anything, we still think about it.

Before achieving this, what we need to do is have that one day, where we go to our closet, grab everything you don’t wear anymore and those that are out of style, give it to charities and to the homeless, we can make people happy as well as giving ourselves a  favor.

Why we need to do this? Exactly for our effortless days, so whatever we put on would still look chick and fabulous.

These looks would mainly be composed by ripped jeans, singe top, shorts, maxi dresses, heels, shoes, boots. Just feel comfy yet still feel confident of what you’re wearing.

Spray on some dry shampoo, put your hair in a messy bun, or braid it overnight for a nice wavy touch, then spray some sea salt on.

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Black and White

By Lauren Laverne | The Guardian ©

What better way to get dressed chicly, quickly, than by wearing black and white? In the words of Coco Chanel: “Women think of all colours, except the absence of colour. Black has it all. White, too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.” Theoretically, of course, this is absolutely correct. Unfortunately it can be surprisingly tricky to get black and white right in real life.

The problem is, simple and easy are two different things. Monochrome is simple but wearing it requires a bit of forethought. Try too hard and you’ll look like a French mime. Don’t try hard enough and you’ll look like a bored waitress (disclaimer: if you are a bored waitress this is an awesome look, carry on). The key is to choose the right monochrome for you, and style it up (but not too much).

The combination is eternally chic, but spring/summer 2014 saw checkerboard collections popping up all over the fashion map, from Alexander Wang to Derek Lam. If you want to give it a try, here is a selection of this summer’s best takes on the look.

Pattern is still popular, but last year’s grids have softened up. Marc at Marc Jacobs showed scalloped black lines on white, giving cool, graphic styling a feminine feel, while black polka dots were – ahem – spotted against a white shift at Sportmax. Carolina Herrera’s and Céline’s monochrome were similarly chic and ladylike. Coast and Oasis have gorgeous stripes in spades. If you favour spots, try this versatile shirt from Miss Selfridge.

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This Is How We Date Now

By Jamie Varon | Thought Catalog ©

We don’t commit now. We don’t see the point. They’ve always said there are so many fish in the sea, but never before has that sea of fish been right at our fingertips on OkCupid, Tinder, Grindr, Dattch, take your pick. We can order up a human being in the same way we can order up pad thai on Seamless.

We think intimacy lies in a perfectly-executed string of emoji. We think effort is a “good morning” text. We say romance is dead, because maybe it is, but maybe we just need to reinvent it. Maybe romance in our modern age is putting the phone down long enough to look in each other’s eyes at dinner. Maybe romance is deleting Tinder off your phone after an incredible first date with someone. Maybe romance is still there, we just don’t know what it looks like now. When we choose—if we commit—we are still one eye wandering at the options.

We want the beautiful cut of filet mignon, but we’re too busy eyeing the mediocre buffet, because choice. Because choice. Our choices are killing us. We think choice means something. We think opportunity is good. We think the more chances we have, the better. But, it makes everything watered-down.

Never mind actually feeling satisfied, we don’t even understand what satisfaction looks like, sounds like, feels like. We’re one foot out the door, because outside that door is more, more, more. We don’t see who’s right in front of our eyes asking to be loved, because no one is asking to be loved. We long for something that we still want to believe exists. Yet, we are looking for the next thrill, the next jolt of excitement, the next instant gratification.

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