Move On But Don’t Forget Your Loss

By Alexandra Bannon |  Elite Daily ©

“At least once in our lives, we will all experience the essence of hurt, betrayal and pain.”

These emotions can come from all factors of life.

We can feel hurt when the flame we shared with someone we loved goes out; we can feel betrayed by a friend; we can feel pain when someone we love dies.

Nothing quite compares to trying to move on from something or someone who played a pivotal role in our lives.

Movies can portray it and people can talk about it, but when it comes down to the core, nothing can prepare you for what’s it like to get your heart broken.

Moving on from something that causes us immense heartache is one of the most painful experiences an individual can go through.

You can’t rush it and you can’t force it. It takes time.

It’s as simple as that.

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What It’s Like When You’re Outgoing, But Painfully Shy On The Inside

By Zara Barrie |  Elite Daily ©



I don’t know about you, but for ME, it feels as if the world at large divides itself into TWO distinct, oppressive parts:

The outgoing and the shy. The extraverted and the introverted. The unabashedly LOUD and the blissfully quiet.

So what’s a girl to do when she finds herself to be the confusing combination of both qualities?

What about the young lady who appears to look like a bonafide extraverted entity to the heaps of naked eyes that surround her, when really, if they were to dare to look a little closer, direct their gaze a hair longer, they would see her core is that of a soulful loner?

I’m equal parts loud and equal parts quiet.

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How To Dress When It’s Hot AF Outside But Cold As Hell In Your Office

By Niki McGloster |  Elite Daily ©

Even men are less fickle than temperature changes in summer.

Packing on piles of clothing on a stifling, humid 90-degree day (at 8:45 am!) seems nuttier than a box of Kind bars.

But picture this: Your daily train ride consists of shaking off remnants of your REM and warding off perspiration pooling in unmentionable crevices. And then you arrive at your office, which now doubles as a deleted scene from “Frozen” for the next three months.

You don’t have to pass up a daringly short dress in favor of navy-colored slacks, though thermal tug-of-war is realer than J. Lo’s bum.

Instead, equip your summer apparel arsenal with light, stylish layers to combat both sky-high temps outside and igloo-like conditions indoors.

Dress it up and make warm-wear cool like a pro with these five how-to tips:

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Your Bestfriend is Your Best Wing Woman

By Megan Mills |  Elite Daily ©

When you finally trade in your sweats for an LBD and make your way out of the apartment, you never leave for the night without one major accessory: your wing woman — more commonly known as your best friend.

Just like guys suit up their wingmen to help them score anything resembling a chick to take home, your wing woman is there to guide you through the drunken haze on which men you find acceptable to strike up a conversation with.

With the two of you being so close already, the position of wing woman becomes second nature. But, what automatically designates your best friend as your wing woman?

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I Only Surround Myself With Crazy People: They’re Just More Interesting

By Zara Barrie |  Elite Daily ©

Have you ever seen the epic movie “Almost Famous”? (If you haven’t, you simply MUST, for it will absolutely change and inform the rest of your life.)

You know that scene when the wonderfully iconic Penny Lane (Kate Hudson) is discussing her magnetism toward famous people with the young rock journalist William Miller?

He innocently asks her, “Don’t you have any regular friends?” To which our heroine Penny Lane wisely replies with this notorious quip:

Famous people are just more interesting.

I can completely relate to Penny Lane’s response, except I’m not exactly drawn to exclusively famous people. I’m drawn to crazy people (though “famous” and “crazy” are often intertwined).

I can’t help it. Crazy people are just more interesting.

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