Silver Lining

By Jae Vitug World of Thoughts ©

“She could’ve given you the world, but you missed on that when you decided to fuck her up. She had a lot to offer. She was worth it.”

They saw right through you from the start. I didn’t listen. I hoped for the best.

I fell for you…

And today the actual truth is, I was just another one that quickly became the “she’s no one”.

You, you’re the kind of person that shouldn’t belong in my life. You’re unreliable, unpredictable, and undeserving of a heart like mine.

But I was stubborn and was obsessive. I was crazy about you, so drawn to you that I failed to do the smart thing. I did what felt right for me, even though deep down I knew it was wrong. That something was wrong when you cancelled our plans and had me come straight up your place instead.

Shamelessly, I did.

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Say You Won’t Let Go

By Jae Vitug World of Thoughts ©


“I told you to be patient, because in a moment I’ll be with you, and it will be a different kind…”

– Bon Iver (Skinny Love)

We’ve promised forever, but I guess promises really are meant to be broken, and forever, is just a matter of time.

Never have I expected that you’d leave me again, but hey, you did it once, why was I so stupid to believe that you wouldn’t do it again?

All you had to do was stay, all you had to do was give me that assurance that you’d be there.

I need to know you’d be there.

Isn’t that how “friends” are supposed to be? That’s how it’s supposed to work isn’t it?

However, we’re not only just the best of friends and you know that. When everybody’s gone, we are the constant ones. We’re each others’ anchors, we’ve been together through thick and thin, we have that strong bond that lasted through time, and that irrevocable connection that is ever present.

We’ve had so much history, but as much as I want to preserve what we have, I can’t only decide for us, I need you to want this too.

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About Time

By Jae Vitug | World of Thoughts ©


“Whatever happens tomorrow, we’ve had today. And if we should bump into each other sometime in the future, well that’s fine too, we’ll be friends.”

– Emma Morely (One Day, 2011)

July 21, 2015


You’re going to be okay.

Breathe and remember that you’ve been on this place before. You’ve been this uncomfortable, and anxious, and scared, and you’ve survived it.

Breathe, and you know you can survive this one too. These feelings can’t break you. They’re painful and debilitating, but you can sit with them and eventually, they will pass.

Maybe not immediately, but sometime soon they are going to fade, and when they do, you’ll look back at this moment and laugh for having doubted your resilience. I know it feels unbearable right now, but keep breathing, keep living, again and again.

This will pass.

I promise, it will pass…

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A Letter to Her

By Jae Vitug | World of Thoughts ©


“You’ve never really moved on until you see him with someone else.”

July 1, 2015

Dear You,

I know we haven’t been properly introduced, but I know you, you probably know me as well.

I saw you with him at a club one time, it was the first time that you guys met. I know, because I watched him as he got introduced to you. The next thing I saw, were you guys kissing.

I didn’t come to get him, we were over, and I’m not competitive. It hurts but I don’t wanna ruin it.

I thought he was alone for all those two months I was trying to get over him while I was out of town. I thought it was a one-time deal with you guys, but I just knew as of recently that you continued seeing each other.

You’re beautiful, some girls may like him too, but he’ll show them he already has you. Don’t be insecure when other girls take a picture with him. Support him in that. He can be really flattered, but he will never choose them over you.

He will love you with all his heart. Never take it for granted, treasure it.

I will never have fully moved on until I’d know that there’s someone for him, guiding him. I’m not saying he’s weak, he’s a very strong man. He’s amazing, in fact the most amazing person I’ve ever met yet, he’s just different.

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I Miss You

By Jae Vitug | World of Thoughts ©


June 19, 2015


 It’s because I don’t know how to reach you that I’m posting this in public.

We haven’t talked in six weeks but I’ve seen you twice.

If you’re reading this right now, I’m proud to say I found myself again. I realized my mistakes, and so I had to leave the town again for a month. I had to grow, I had to think, I had to be alone…

I am not expecting you to come back to my life. I just want us to talk, properly, but I respect it if you still don’t want to.

I really want to let you know that I apologize. I miss you so much, nothing can compare, because I still love you.

I’m letting you go slowly… I used to try alot, but I’m getting tired.

I’m moving on, I know I am, because I’ve already accepted that we can never be back together.

You will always have a special place in my heart. I wish you all the best, I just want you to be happy…

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