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Diamonds are often conceived as the strongest, the most beautiful, and the best find.

Drop a diamond on a sea of gold, wouldn’t it be the easiest to find rather than looking for the rarest piece of gold?

Drop a gold on a sea of diamonds, wouldn’t you still have chosen a diamond?

Isn’t the Holy Grail worth more than any diamond there is?

This resembles people’s misconception on choosing the best partner. They would consistently want whom humanity defines as perfect, and perfect, being, the diamonds.

Spare me.

Though it sounds vague, but I’d choose that one extraordinary gold.

I’d choose you.

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Say You Won’t Let Go

By Jae Vitug World of Thoughts ©


“I told you to be patient, because in a moment I’ll be with you, and it will be a different kind…”

– Bon Iver (Skinny Love)

We’ve promised forever, but I guess promises really are meant to be broken, and forever, is just a matter of time.

Never have I expected that you’d leave me again, but hey, you did it once, why was I so stupid to believe that you wouldn’t do it again?

All you had to do was stay, all you had to do was give me that assurance that you’d be there.

I need to know you’d be there.

Isn’t that how “friends” are supposed to be? That’s how it’s supposed to work isn’t it?

However, we’re not only just the best of friends and you know that. When everybody’s gone, we are the constant ones. We’re each others’ anchors, we’ve been together through thick and thin, we have that strong bond that lasted through time, and that irrevocable connection that is ever present.

We’ve had so much history, but as much as I want to preserve what we have, I can’t only decide for us, I need you to want this too.

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No Strings Attached

By Jae Vitug World of Thoughts ©


“You’ve always been this cheerful, happy, independent person that comes off to society as someone who doesn’t need anyone. But sometimes, those people whose always there for everyone are the ones in need the most of company.”

Lonely, but would rather go out there and escape things. Incomplete, but choosing to be held by a different set of arms with each time you go on a casual hook up. Miserable, but would somewhat just smile it all off.

You would rather be alone than enter the world of the unknown, being, relationships. You say you don’t want anything to do with it, but really, you’re in a constant hunt for it, but just won’t acknowledge it.

And being it as the inevitable, from the moment you’d find a shoulder to lean on, you’d jump at it quite instantly. You go on, until without noticing you’ll want more from him. You’ll want more than his friendship even though you promised you don’t want him. You’ll want him to be yours and that will blind you from reality.

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Same Old Love

By Jae Vitug World of Thoughts ©


It has been a very long time…

It has been a year of firsts and lasts…

For the past months, I was brave enough to spill and wholeheartedly share my thoughts to the world. Believe me when I say that every blog post took incredible guts to write. Because on the night I started putting my hands to work on my thoughts, that’s when I proved that emotional writing totally breaks you apart on the inside.

But then, it helped me breathe freely, moving on without hard feelings, regrets, and grievances.

I know that I should embrace the thought of getting rid of you but I will never be okay deep down, not until I tell you every single detail that I’ve been wanting to say.

In this way, I could release all the built-up emotions I never expressed to you—all the things I assumed you knew.

I just want you to know that I’m writing this letter to you because I forgive you…

I don’t know how to begin. I don’t know the exact words that I should use to match with my neverending feelings, but here I am again… There are tears streaming down my face, yet I couldn’t feel the trickle…

I’m upset, but more than anything, I’m mad that after so many months, you still have that power over me. I’m angry that you still have this huge impact in me enough to make me cry. I’m disappointed with myself because up until now, you’re the one that I’m thinking about.

And that’s when it hit me—I’m not crying because I’m upset that we aren’t together anymore, I’m upset because I feel sorry for who you and I have become.

You came into my life at just the right moment, and for a while, made me the happiest and saddest I’ve ever been. You were the first of my many firsts: the first person to let me know what it feels like to fall in love, how gratifying it could be to have a constant companion, and what a disastrous breakdown of a relationship actually looks like.

You were the person I was looking up to, the person who I thought would never have the courage to break me into pieces, and the person I was proud to be with.

More than just that, I knew pain comes naturally l, but I kept loving you because I thought I could change the inevitable. I loved anyway, because it’s better to have loved and lost than to not have loved at all.

I’d like to say that I’m glad that you are well, but as we both know I have absolutely no idea how you are. You had your own reasons; I had mine. You were the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Thank you so much for days filled with happiness, laughter, and pain.

But I don’t know which was more excruciating – living with that horrible absence or being with you again. You were worth the risk that’s why I took the fall. Saying that I regret a single thing would mean that I regret what once made me happy.

I forgive you for not telling me your reasons ahead of time. I forgive you for the countless times you’ve had me shed tears. I forgive you for taking away the happiness inside me. I forgive you for making me feel that I’m not enough. I forgive you for breaking me into a thousand pieces.

And, I’m sorry… I’m sorry for the same reasons I’ve brought to your life.

I love you, and I would have given everything up to be with you but… I’d have to learn how to stop thinking about you again and let you go…

You’ll always be my sweetest downfall and my hardest goodbye. Maybe one day, you’ll think of me. Maybe one day, we’d even happen again…

But for now this is enough.

We’re both content.

You’re happy and that’s enough…

You’re Still The One | A Letter to Her

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Why The Smallest Chance Of Love Is Worth The Giant Risk Of Heartbreak

By Paul Hudson |  Elite Daily ©


I’ve had my fare share of both amazing and horrific experiences with women. I don’t fall in love easily, and I’m not one to settle, so I’m sure you can imagine that my dating experiences have been very… colorful.

Sometimes things end well. Sometimes they don’t. The one thing that has yet to change is that things always end. This isn’t the goal. But “it is what it is.”

People are what make relationships complicated. I’m not a straightfoward person, and I like dating complex women. So finding myself in complex and emotionally intense situations isn’t uncommon.

I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t get his interest caught too often. But when my interest is piqued, I’m not likely to back down. I’m stubborn like that, only because I know what I Iike — and I like what I like. Nevertheless, spending years not being able to find anyone who clicks does get a bit frustrating.

The truth is that even though I wanted to date again, I wasn’t really ready to date again. I’d been going through a rough patch, and although I can’t say that I “wasn’t myself,” I wasn’t the best version of myself.

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