Neutral Hues

By Jae Vitug | World of Thoughts ©

Classy yet an everyday fashion statement? I have chosen pieces of inspiration which I have tried to mix and match with myself for the last couple of months. May be used for casual, evening or your night out.

Neutral hues are amazing on bringing out your skin tone, emphasizing on your best facial features.

Neutrals — black, brown, gray, tan, and navy (okay, and white too) — are the staple of most wardrobes. And for good reason. They can easily mitigate more piercing color combinations, toning down an outfit and providing cohesion. They can also produce rich and textured outfits by themselves when layered and combined with just each other.

With this module, we explore how ensembles comprised entirely of neutrals achieve a rich and interesting look, and how a simple pop of color brings an unexpected boost to an otherwise softer neutral palette.

Many of us still follow that old rule of “no white” after Labor Day; throw that one out the window, except perhaps the “no white shoes” which can be difficult to carry off.

Personally I love neutrals as evident by one look into my closet. The right combination may be worn all year round with virtually every color and transition smoothly as we get closer to fall with more traditional hues. These beautiful neutral shades can maintain the feel of summer and look great on all skin tones.

For a more sophisticated chic look a monotone palette worn head to toe in camel, a traditionally fall color can be softened with a bright accessory to give it a more summery feel.

I love the look of a beautiful camel cashmere sweater a camel color knee-length skirt worn with a big bright chunky necklace and pumps. To carry this look into fall all you have to do is remove the necklace throw on a coat of similar color and if you’re really bold, a pair of camel knee high boots.

To prolong that sun-kissed look a combination of white paired with grey or ivory can best show off that glow. A white jean, skinny or boyfriend, whatever you love, worn with an ivory or winter white top and flats would be a wonderful option.

To transition this to cooler weather, simply throw on a grey chunky sweater or jacket, a fabulous hat and a big tote.

“Fashion neutrals are colors that can go with anything, and they’re essentials for building any petite woman’s wardrobe. However, just because these hues can go with any other colors, that doesn’t mean that every fashion neutral will look good on any woman, so it’s important, especially for petite women, to identify those fashion neutral colors that work best. Why “especially for petite women “? Because even a few extra pounds on a petite women are noticeable, and most of us want to look thinner if possible. As an added bonus, when we look thinner, we also look taller.”

Paula Darnell (Fashion Expert)

















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2 thoughts on “Neutral Hues

  1. The Sartorial Coquette says:

    great post – so inspirational! all of the coats and knitwear are gorgeous <3
    instagram: the_ch1ara


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